Women Vapers: When Design Finally Catches

Women Vapers: When Design Finally Catches Up

24mm RDA, 8ml capacity sub ohm tanks, 400 watt capable box mod. All items that don’t generally appeal to most women who vape. Vaping has been innovative on many fronts but has seriously lacked designing products that may be of more comfort to either sex. Over the past year we have seen companies rethink their strategies and done away with the bedazzled ego batteries and instead begun to introduce smaller box mods with a wider range of color options. DNA powered devices take it one step further by allowing you to customize your box mods screen as you wish. While we do see more pink colored mods on the market, we also see box mods such as the IPV D3 80W TC Box Mod designed with a heavy focus on being more grip friendly.

More compact is the way and not only for ladies who enjoy a flavor rich cloud. Devices such as the smaller sized iSticks found great success due to their stealthier look. Walking around with a brick in your hand is just not as appealing as you think. With the emergence of new alternatives to cigalikes such as the JUUL, the industry needs to swing in favor of size. Bigger is better for the vaper who prefers it or perhaps likes to showcase their vaping prowess. For other vapers a bit more discretion is desired. On the streets of New York you can spot female vapers with devices such as the Kanger Top Box, the Kbox mini, and other varying devices and one thing is certain, they are not the triple 18650 powered two pound mod most of us carry around. Personally I viewed the Mini Volt by Council Vapor as a bit of a novelty when it was first released. Since then I have found myself paying more attention to sizes in mods. The soon to be release IPV400 Box Mod is at the top of my list of mods to add to my rotation. With the summer months ahead I want a smaller device to carry around in my cargo shorts.

With a wider range of products tailored to stealth and style rather than just performance we all see better options we might not have otherwise considered. Style is important for us all, afterall how many brass knuckle mods can we actually endure?

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