We Are Officially Back..

the steaming wick is back

For the past few months I have ventured off to do some other things in the vaping world and to view things from the business side since I have experienced things from the consume end. Working alongside some amazing companies and brands which has been an absolute honor and privilege I have come to experience everything vape related closely. The time away has given me better insight on how things generally work on both sides of the business and with that understanding I will be able to offer my visitors/readers are more in-depth view of products, pricing, and analysis on what they are buying.


Those of you who have met me in person at conventions, meet ups, and over social media know that I am a straight shooter who does not hold punches but neither am I a person who sits around bad mouthing others. I think that last line is very important considering what I am planning for the steaming wick and any other online businesses I own. Vaping to me is very sacred and an important part of my life. I believe it has saved lives that cannot be counted on a statistic page as of yet, I believe it has changed lives, and has given a creative outlet for many of those who would have no other method of doing so without it. I also believe vaping has become rife with opportunists who have no other use for it other than to make a quick buck. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but we’ve all seen it and we can all at least recall one name brand that fits that bill. Personally I am not here to call anyone out on their shenanigans, but instead I am here to promote brands and entities that at least I can personally vouch for have your best intentions in mind. The steaming wick has served as an outlet for my opinions that reach thousands of readers per month. Like many others in this industry that view vaping as an ends to a mean I respect the community and will never sell you out for popularity or more visitors.


Over the next few months you will see more reviews, more diy tutorials, more videos, and more content you will find useful. The steaming wick will continue forging forward to remain among the most visited websites in the vaping industry.

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