The Istick Line Of Products? Safe Or Be Wary?

Depending what vape faction you ask about the Istick you may come out with several different opinions on the Istick line of vape boxes. The Istick first made its splash with cost effective power systems that offered great performance at a pretty good price. Then the Istick 50 watt happened, reports of the mod firing itself, not working, and even a few reported cases of fires being started. Now let me preface my opinion with the fact that I own an Istick 50watt personally and also currently own an Istick 100watt box mod as well. Some may take that information as a mark that perhaps I am a supporter of this company simply because I own their box mods, that is not the case.

Every vaper reading this article today or perhaps ten years from now knows that they’ve dropped their box mod, mechanical mod at some point or another. We’ve all had user error moments and dismissing user error in some of those cases would be flat out irresponsible. With that said we have to take accountability and reliability into perspective from a consumer and manufacturer perspective. What I will say about the Istick line of products is while I’ve personally had no issues with an Istick product there may be a lesson learned from this…DON’T BUY BOX MODS WITH BUILT IN BATTERIES! Personally I like taking as much control of what I vape on, having the option of manually selecting a battery I know can handle my needs is very important. That’s why the Istick is in my collection of box mods. If something did go wrong with it…no problem..remove the side and take the batteries out. Problem solved.

As cheap as a pair of Samsung Inr 25r’s are there is no reason to skimp on your purchase simply because it comes with a battery already in it. These days we are vaping at super high wattage and pushing the envelope on vaping in general. No product is going to be completely free of issues, it might not be visible externally but the problem might be somewhere inside.

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