The E Liquid DIY Experiment

diy e liquid at the steaming wick

As anyone who has visited this website knows I have shared many of my e liquid recipes, those have been recipes I have whipped together from flavorings I have on hand or from simple requests I receive via our contact form. While I am not a novice at making vape juice I am very good at pairing flavors on the fly and making the best of what is available. While pairing flavors that appeal to us in general may be very difficult, hopping into DIY is just as difficult. There are many tools and even more bad advice on the web about creating e-liquid. I want to use this new DIY Experiment to clarify many things for many would be mixologists. The tools of the trade can range from a handful of dollars to several hundred smackeroos. Even investing in high end lab equipment will not guarantee success. E-liquid quality is dependent on a number of variants from quality ingredients, to percentages, to the environment its made in, and even the temperature that it is stored in.

Some DIY people prefer the shake and wait routine, that’s fine for anyone with a working recipe who has knowledge that their product is phenomenal already. Most of us aren’t that patient. Some of the alternatives such as water baths, crock pot use, or even an ultrasonic cleaner work but they don’t make a bad recipe a good one. These days I have graduated to heated magnetic stirrers which vastly improves the speed of my aging process and allows me to know how a liquid tastes as if I had set it aside for up to a months time simply by running the stirrer for a few hours. I plan to discuss every method you could use, as well as delve deeper into the use of pipettes, syringes, flavoring companies, and storage. We will guide you through budget e-liquid creations all the way to premium level mixing of vape juice.


Stay tuned..

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