Sub-Ohm Vaping and Wattage: How Much Is Too Much


Recently I was part of a discussion on graphene batteries capable of outputs of 84 or amps which itself is a ridiculous number. While the steady growth in technology and power has taken on a life of its own I started wondering “how much power is too much power?”

Now I don’t fall for the media click bait that often comes along with the topic of vaping, electronic cigarettes, or whatever the word of the days is. I see vaping shifts on a day to day basis as a vaper and creator. Back when I started the most powerful mod on the market had a a limit of 11 watts and we made due, but today glancing over at the screen of my DNA powered Reuleaux I see 80 watts on my screen and finally really boggled my mind. Don’t get me wrong I have ventured north of 100 watts on a few occasions, I have gone as high as 197 watts by mistake once as well (I do not recommend you try this, I couldn’t taste anything for two whole days.) My significant other who first suggested vaping to me and then later on picked it up herself has most of the time ended up with my old replaced device which has considerable more power than her previous one. I have had a better view of her watts escalating at an alarming rate because well we always notice things others do rather than when done by us. Across vape shops in America you can find tons of mechanical mods in use by shop employees, so being within discovery distance of someone vaping at mind numbing power ratings isn’t that unusual. What I have found unusual is the amount emails questions I have received or the amount of people in public who have approached me about “blowing clouds.” You see vaping was once upon a time a very intimidating prospect for many smokers, and in those days it was all about the tank. These days with sub ohm tanks literally chasing the dragon with astronomical ratings of 120, 130, 140, and even 150 watts one must beg the question? When is it enough?

Experienced vapers please do all of us a favor and start your buddies off with a starter level vape kit, one that preferably introduces your friend to vaping with some protections. The ludicrous trend of cloud chasing is going to end up causing some serious injuries to those who do not understand the power they wield. A satisfactory vape experience isn’t about power or cloud, it’s about comfort zone. By comfort zone I don’t mean just easy to use but also being capable of understand the inherent risks. We are still in the infancy stages of vape research and while we discover more keeping a level head about how we treat vaping is important as well. I am not against cloud chasing when it comes to an experienced vaper who understand ohms law, battery limits, and other factors involved in the process. I believe education before venturing into dialing up the watts is important, not all batteries, mods, tanks, part, coils, etc are created equal.

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