Smoktech TFV4 Review

The Smok TFV4 sub-ohm tank has quickly become the best sub-ohm tank in the market. Personally for me it has replaced the Herakles by Sense as my favorite tank. The TFV4 features a top fill system that makes carrying around a unicorn bottle of juice a pleasure for the first time. Refilling your tank is as simple as pushing the top slider of the tank and inserting the tip of your dropper or unicorn bottle filling and flipping it closed. No mess, no fuss.

One of the craziest things about this tank is the sheer amount of coil options you have, if you like vertical coils the TFV4 is perfect for you. Single, triples, quads, sixtuplets..and an RBA deck with possibly the best wicking system I have ever seen on and RBA deck. I am not a fan of RBA decks because my theory is if I am going to build I may as well build on an RDA but I gave the RBA deck a try for this review and can happily state that three days in I had experienced a quality vape so good that my RDA spent most of its time sitting on my computer desk starring back at me in dismay. The greatness of this tank cannot be overstated and with the announcement of the TFV4 mini stealthy vapers can finally take the plunge.

Be aware that the TFV4 in some cases may not include the RBA deck so read the descriptions of online retailers very carefully. The only downside to this great tank is the cost of the coils themselves, they are the priciest in the game but I got a solid 5 days out of the coil included in the box but that may vary depending on your vape volume personally.

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