Nebox Review : The Good and Bad

Kanger released its all in one kit called the Nebox about one week ago. Since then the internet has been flooded with misinformation by both novices and experts who by their own metric vape a particular way, the point of this review is to separate the nonsense from the factual. We are reviewing this device as it would apply to the vape community overall. First thing we need to keep in mind is that not everyone vapes the same exact same way so making a one size fits all device is actually impossible.

The Nebox features a 10ml capacity tank which while ideal for vapers who love one particular juice does not work for those of us who change flavor profiles throughout the day. This is one of those situations where you can take or leave the device based on that sole aspect, personally I don’t think it is that difficult to pick just one flavor to vape all day on the go but again this isn’t about my personal opinion but more so facts. Another feature is the RBA Deck for the Nebox which while phenomenal does not feature a way for you to test your coil build prior to installing it into the tank chamber, this is the biggest bad/negative problem with this all inclusive kit. Unless you’ve owned a kanger tank that can fit the rba deck on it’s base you are limited to testing your coil on an empty tank. The RBA Deck on this setup has no way of testing your build ohms without being inserted into the device itself. It’s fine to build a coil but for experienced vapers it’ll be a breeze, for novices who are just getting into coils things as hot legs, shorts are going to have a hard time building. The third biggest issue of contention is the airflow while there is no true built in way of limiting airflow in theory you could place a finger partially over the tank port base and limit the air with your finger. This is not a solution that works for everyone but it is a simple solution. I have seen vapers online discussing taking apart the base and limiting airflow themselves. That is not a practical solution to most vapers because the chances of losing a piece, breaking a piece, or not being able to put it back together is high. The finger technique works much better with less hassle and is similar to firing a mechanical mod, something you just have to get used to but easily can. The final point of contention with this device is the material it is made out of. Kanger decided to go the lighter material route and this has set off people who for some reason expected a metallic body even though the most recent products from Kangertech have not used metallic framing. The device honestly does not wobble when you sit it down, so the chances of it falling over and breaking are pretty low. Slippage from your hands is also quite unreasonable unless you suffer from a sweaty palm condition. The reality here is that a metallic body would’ve made this mod considerably heavier. As someone who has shipped a few out to family and friends it is plenty heavy as is.


Aside from those points this is a great device but not one that could be considered for everyone. If you like hassle free vaping perhaps a subox kit would be more ideal for you but if you are willing to work for a great vape the device is perfect for an all day vape on the go. From hands on tests I didn’t miss my rda and regulated mod, it took us all a bit of adjusting to having our mouths so close to the mod itself but that is easily fixed by exchanging the drip tip for a longer one.

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