Larry – The Steam Factory – Review

Larry by The Steam Factory had quite a buzz going for itself upon pre release, following on the steps of Muffcake that buzz was very warranted. With a profile that strikes interest immediately of ice cream, mixed berries, and cookies that sounds perfectly appetizing. A recipe that run max vg the juice is quite thick which gives me the impression of a an e-liquid that runs well above 70% VG. The sweetness of Larry cannot be understated or even dulled by the widest setting of airflow intake. While berries aren’t exactly the first thing that kicks out at me the ice cream certainly does not know how to quit. Secondary would be the cookie flavor that comes through calmly behind the inhale of ice cream. Both combine to produce a mouth watering sweet experience that makes for a nice post dinner aperitif flavoring. Great for the vaper who loves flavor, might want to enjoy that vape that helps them skip dessert, and best of all the flavor is consistent regardless of the nicotine level.

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