Kanger Nebox (All in one system)

The NEBOX snuck itself into the line of vision of vapers earlier this autumn via a series of leaked pictures that took to the internet. While the Nebox has been mired in much secrecy since the initial leak some information is now known about this all in one system from Kangertech.

kanger nebox

One of the most important aspects of the Nebox is that it will not use the original OCC Coils as once rumored and instead will be using an all new circular coil exclusive to its system. The new OCC coil will work more as an RBA base styled coiled unlike the square one the Subtank introduce to the vaping community. The Nebox was rumored to feature 50 watts of power initially but now has been updated to 60 watts of power. The all in one system from Kangertech will definitely still hold 10ml of eliquid regardless if you use the RBA deck or the new OCC coil. One of the most important parts to this new system is the lack of airflow control, as reported by Phil Busardo over at TasteYourJuice.com the Nebox will not feature adjustable airflow control. So you will be taking a gamble on the purchase of one if you don’t try one out before making your purchase to gauge if the airflow of the box is suitable for you. The Nebox is out for Pre-Order right now and can be found as low as $44.99 via online retailers.

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