Juice Maniac Rainbow Tears E Liquid Review

jucie maniacs rainbow tears review

Juice Maniacs was a company I had never heard of but came to know via a third party recommendation. I am a fan of candy flavored eliquids and had been looking for a sour tasting ejuice that would provide enough tart to fill my need. My all day vape is regularly a sweet tart flavored mixture of DIY but I could never really nail the full on sour effect and in came Rainbow Tears. Rainbow Tears registers at a nice 30% PG and 70% VG ratio and is described as “Double rainbow, all across… Your tongue. This sweet candy juice may give you a sugar high”. Now that’s a pretty vague description of what exactly is in this bottle of eliquid so let’s give you a review.

Rainbow Tears is flat out a sour green apple flavored eliquid, yeah I said it Juice Maniacs! How true it is to the sour apple may vary from person to person but a sour apple it is and a damned good one at that. Since I had no true description of this eliquid I had to make the purchase based on the customer reviews of this juice “which also don’t exactly make it clear what flavors you are supposed to get from a bottle…note to Juice Maniacs!). Still its truly a sour vape experience, I have tried my own, I have tried many others but somehow these guys got it right. I am not a green apple fan generally but this is a liquid I could truly enjoy because it does sour some real justice. Even though it’s listed at 30/70 I still find a bit of a throat hit with it and perhaps that’s related to my build I vape on but I can still live with it. If you like sour, and you like a candy..ishh vape this one is worth a try.

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