Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank Reviewed

If you are new to this website then you surely would not know that I am a huge fan of the original Herakles Sub Ohm Tank by Sense. In my rotation only the TFV4 arrived to usurp the Herakles out of my daily use. With the announcement and secrecy that surrounded it’s plus version I was intrigued but not expecting much. As most people who own a Sense Cylone Sub Ohm Tank will tell you it wasn’t very good overall.

So let’s cut straight to the skinny, is it worth the price tag? YES! The Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank has many improvements throughout this new design of the Herakles, the airflow options within this tank make it superior to any rival on the market. The tank features the traditional base airflows featuring four slots, the top base airflow features four slots that feed two inner chamber points that brings down the air to the coil and then back up the tanks vapor chamber. This is a very interesting proposition because even though the four airflow slots do a great job at providing airflow the top base only compliments it. Unlike most tanks with airflow at the top portion of the tank they do so in the drip tip which creates an almost endless vacuum on air that only cools the vapor but diminishes flavor a ton. Another excellent upgrade is the new shorter coil design for this sub ohm tank, that means faster wicking and faster movement of the vapor produced by the coil. The new top fill screw on and off feature makes refilling the tank quick and easy, not as easy as the TFV4 but still pretty nicely done.


The only cons I can find with this tank is a little bit of leaking, there are tiny dribbles of eliquid that leak out of the air vents but that could be attributed to the high voltages I am vaping at possibly thinning my high VG and rushing it through the wicking material. If you can live with that I recommend you grab this tank and add it to your collection.


I got my tank from BREAZY.COM – Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank (Non-affiliate link)

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