Fruity Cereal Milk E-liquid Recipe

We all love us some cereal flavors but rarely mix up a batch ourselves that is worthy of competing with those premium brands. Well The Steaming Wick has you covered. This is a nice fruity cereals bowl of milk. Truly tasty and very rich in flavor! We actually considered bottling this up and selling it but we will share the recipe with you guys to enjoy instead. We recommend a 3-3 1/2 week steep or a 6 hour speed steep before enjoying this. I breathed every batch just a bit to speed up the darkening process. One batch reach an almost syrupy color which was my favorite batch of all.
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2%
Vanilla Custard (TPA) 7%
Berry Crunch (TPA) 8%
Brown Sugar (TPA) 2%

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