We buy from the same deals we showcase to you, so if you see something listed on this website there is a 50% chance we have purchased from that vendor or that product as well. We do offer deals, some of these deals pay us out commissions ranging anywhere from 1% to 7% via affiliate network. That commission allows us to pay for hosting, hiring of programmers and designers to help us evolve the website. All additional revenue is then put into a pot to give starter kits to people looking to get into vaping as well as gifting products and juice to vapers who may be struggling financially or simply having a rough go of it. If you are reading this and having a rough go at it, find yourself out juice contact us we will do our best to hook you up with what we can. Not all deals on this website generate income, we spend a lot of money out of pocket as we have even before this site was launched. We believe in the technology and its success when used properly. We appreciate top notch vendors who have excellent prices and always welcome them to contact us about their deals. This isn’t about money, if it was we’d be selling juice and products ourselves directly to you, as you will note we have an ejuice recipe section which we could easily bottle up and sell. This is about bringing smokers and vapers together to with vendors who go above and beyond. To date we have shipped off well close to 100 starter kits, and close to 500 bottles of juice. Sometimes vendors will sponsor these kits or juice bottles, most of the time we pay for this stuff out of pocket. Your support of this website helps us continue to do this. We are just now starting to focus on giving away products on social media platforms such as reddit, twitter, and instagram. No product we review is done so for pay, we purchase all products we review and we buy from the same sales you are shown.