Coil Building: An Art Not A Competition


It is rare these days to find much in the vaping industry fitting outside of the box of some unmentioned competition. From Facebook to Instagram the dude bro posts about “look at my coil” and while we all love discovering new coil building techniques it gets to a boring looking at “another clapton build”. Coil building has gone from finding the best way to convert kanthal into a coil for the best clouds and best flavor to a show and tell series.

The show off nature of vaping is one of those catch 22’s where we want as vapers to be recognized as a strong consumer base but are seemingly willing to look like trend chasers in the process in exchange for 15 seconds of digital fame. Vaping is a tool coil building is an art, turning either one into some sort of trends actually hurts those who will eventually consider making the switch. Part of the push for regulation has a combined agenda of both financial gains to each state but also to serve a deterrent from the average person being able to pursue the American dream by starting a mom and pop business due much to the perception of recklessness that has a much more attention snatching probability than a positive piece of research information. How many times in the past month have you seen people reposting that British study about 95% harm reduction? Likely zero times and therein lays the problem with vaping and things as coil building competitions. If we merely took an artistic approach to it instead of the cool factor approach we could slightly help change the perception of what this movement really is. I by no means am bashing those who innovate coil building or those who enjoy it just the constant pounding of “look at me” that comes with it.

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