Best Budget E-Liquid Of May 2016: White Lightning Unicorn Cake


While the question of what the best budget brand rages on we’d like to introduce you to new products from random lines that are exception at lower prices. This is something we know interests many and helps you save time and money in taste testing new offerings.

Our choice for budget e liquid of the month of May is Unicorn Cake by White Lightning. Unicorn Cake by White Lightning presents a very appetizing flavor description in its being labeled a strawberry cake category vape liquid. With cake based liquids on the rise in terms of popularity there are many who wonder what can deliver the best experience. This is it, at 19.99 per 120ml bottle this is a steal. Shipped straight from Arkansas to your door, we picked up a bottle from Personally I think Unicorn Cake by White Lightning is the best product in the line itself. A rich fluffy cake flavor base with a subtle strawberry chaser. You over sweetening, no hyping it up, simply a perfect cake recipe for fans of desserts with fruits. With its 80% VG formula, Unicorn Cake by White Lightning drips exceptionally well and flows in sub ohm tanks perfectly.  One the of the biggest issues with the pairing of fruits and pastry based e liquids is the gunking of coils, 12 or so ml into this bottle my clapton coils remained pretty much unblemished while the cotton experienced a very light discoloration which might be attributed to my wattage.

We recommend you speak to the livechat team over at Breazy and ask for a coupon, they’ll hook you up so you can pick up a bottle for much less than $19.99.

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