About Us

My name is A.D. and I started vaping in early 2013 because my 20 year addiction to cigarettes was something I wanted to end. At the time I knew very little about vaping and had trouble adjusting. The first time I purchased a device I had to resort to making my purchase from a cigar shop in New York that charged me three times the retail value of the device. A whopping $65 for a single 650 Mah ego battery and a ce4 plastic tank without a single extra coil, the apprehension I felt over that purchase could easily turn some people off so via this website. I am living proof that vaping works, I tried everything from gum, to patches, to cold turkey and nothing would take. It wasn’t until I tried that first purchased electronic cigarette that I found hope in leading a life free of the chemical addiction tied to traditional smokes. The journey has not been easy and I did relapse back into smoking analogs a few weeks later but I then bought my first product upgrade which presented an even better experience and I never looked back. I hope this website makes the journey easier for you and I hope you find it useful to your needs. We are very active across social media platforms so if you ever have any questions you can always talk to us and get a response.