2016 The Year Of RTA’s For Vaping

2016 is only a tiny bit past the quarter mark but already we’ve seen an abundance of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers hit the market. While truly a spectactular thing for all of us in the vaping community it has also been difficult to pick the winners from the losers. So today lets pick the top 3 RTAs on the market right now. I have tried all of the contenders to varying degrees of times so making a choice is a bit more straight forward.

  1. The Herakles Beast RTA by Sigelei: While not yet available for purchase this tank made the rounds at the latest convention in Las Vegas. While a basic showcase the Herakles RTA was the show stopper, I used this RTA with the airflow intake fully wide open and compared it to my Twisted Messes RDA. Puff for puff I had better cloud production than with my own RDA. That says plenty itself, an RTA that can outperform an RDA? Yes, it is so. An in-between device that takes the best of a sub-ohm tank while providing you with the exact RDA experience is truly innovative. While the Herakles Beast RTA might not exactly feature new technology it does apply its own take  on build deck and airflow control. Best pre-order I have found comes courtesy of Breazy.com. Follow the link if you want to learn about the specs and the current lowest price for this RTA.
  2. The Avocado RTA by Geekvape: The Avocado made the Sigelei Moonshot RTA a collaboration with Suprimo completely go under the radar. Because of its compact nature as well as a phenomenal coil layout the Avocado RTA became the biggest surprise for vapers early on in 2016. With its Velocity styled build deck and it’s genesis tank design the Avocado brought you flavor and cloud production in one reasonably priced package.  7mm wide coil ports, and a 43mm height, pretty sweet. The Avocado RTA uses a ceramic block that directs air straight through to the coil. Remove the ceramic black and mount your craziest builds. For the price and the size the Avocado RTA and its excellent wicking the Avocado RTA takes our number 2 spot. Click the link to learn more about this RTA.
  3. With a wide range of options to puff away on picking this third candidate had to stand out. The third place position goes to the Wismec Theorem RTA Kit. Why? If not for its looks then for its performance. For those who lean towrards aesthetics but prefer the gear performs as well as it looks.  While it may not hold the most vape liquid for higher wattage vapers it does make up for that fact with an enhanced flavor cloud. Shorter travel distance equals less air interference.

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